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Fabio Nardo Joins Digital Pulse

Fabio Nardo joins Digital Pulse as its new Creative Director.

Australian production company Digital Pulse has pulled off a significant industry coup, with acclaimed TVC visual director and designer Fabio Nardo joining the Digital Pulse studio team as its new Creative Director.

Digital Pulse Managing Director Brett Heil said, “Fabio is widely recognized for his cinematic visuals and the seamless integration of visual effects into live action.”

Fabio’s credits include the direction of such memorable campaigns as those bouncy Birds Eye birds and the crumpy sneezy "man flu" character for Demazin. Other campaigns he has applied his design acumen to include Eveready's toys and brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai.

“His extensive experience designing and directing high-end television commercials will be a valuable asset to Digital Pulse as it aspires to provide the highest quality end-to-end post production services to Australian and international clients.”

“Fabio’s experience and expertise adds momentum to our team’s passion and creativity to produce and deliver engaging and powerful messages,” said Mr Heil.

Prior to joining Digital Pulse, Nardo worked freelance and in-house as a Television commercials director and designer with Filmgraphics Entertainment. With more than 20 years in the broadcast production industry he has a deep knowledge of television graphics and the post production process and is focused on developing creative solutions for advertising and broadcast clients.

Digital Pulse’s extensive track record includes high calibre projects such as the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Arab Games, Doha; Hewlett Packard’s Ultrabook Envy laptop launch; the augmented reality event presented at an Australian Trade Commission VIP event at the London Olympic Games; and currently KINDRED, the first sci-fi to star indigenous Australians.

“Digital Pulse has a great vision and it’s exciting for me to play a key role in a studio that is driven by design,” Nardo said.

“I’m thrilled to join a company which has the insight to involve post production experience from the conception of any project in order to deliver the most outstanding and efficient creative and design outcomes,” said Nardo.

As a former senior member of the Filmgraphics team and as a freelance designer, Nardo is familiar with collaborating and working with other directors to bring their vision to life.

Source: Digital Pulse

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