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Eyetronics Doubles Growth in 3D Scanning; Moves U.S. Operations

Eyetronics, the international 3D scanning leader, enjoyed its most successful year to date in 2005, doubling its volume of work, according to Nick Tesi, vp of operations for Eyetronics in the U.S. As a result, Eyetronics has moved its U.S. operations to handle further growth this year.

The new facility, which is three times larger in square footage than Eyetronics previous location, features an in-house scanning studio with a dressing room for talent for those clients who do not require Eyetronics portable, on-site services. To address the increase in production, Eyetronics has also added to its staff. Jeff Wilson, who has experience in both feature films and computer games, will serve as CG supervisor, and Jan Huybrechs, a systems specialist with a masters degree in engineering, joins from Eyetronics world headquarters in Belgium.

Several high-profile films slated for release in 2006 have awarded their scanning projects to Eyetronics, including POSEIDON, THE GUARDIAN, THE REAPING, DR. DOLITTLE 3 AND GARFIELD II. Eyetronics also provided scanning for commercials for McDonalds and Cadillac, as well as numerous computer games. In 2005, Eyetronics contributed their talents to the feature films CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, BATMAN BEGINS, LAND OF THE DEAD, THE BROTHERS GRIMM, THE LEGEND OF ZORRO, DR. DOLITTLE 3 and ZATHURA.

Eyetronics, known for its unique ability to scan animals, recently unveiled powerful new technology capable of producing a full body scan in 90 seconds. The accelerated scan time has been especially appealing to producers of films with large casts of characters. Scan data from Eyetronics lightweight, portable equipment is processed in the company's proprietary software and exported as fast and accurate 3D models with 4K texture and color data, ready for immediate integration in production pipelines.

Eyetronics ( specializes in high-quality 3D acquisition systems and services that enable faster production of 3D models, animation and visual effects. Its scanning products and services are used for realistic character generation and facial performance capture in feature films, television, commercials and computer games. Eyetronics has corporate offices in Leuven, Belgium, and Los Angeles.