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eyeon Software Releases Digital Fusion DFX+

eyeon Software recently announced a major new release of their powerful digital effects and compositing software, Digital Fusion DFX+. DFX+ is a "modular" offering. eyeon has chopped Digital Fusion up into 5 different packages, created a new licensing system and presto their flag ship package is now highly customizable and accessible to all! eyeon also announced that a demo of the software is now available for download from their Website. "If you want to know how a software package performs in the real world, you have to kick the tires and take it for a spin. Our new downloadable evaluation version gives you access to all of the tools and features of Digital Fusion, for as long as you need. The demo version comes with full support for video hardware boards, such as the DPS suite, Matrox, Viewgraphics and Pinnacle, making it easy to see just how broad the integration is," Isaac Guenard, Digital Fusion product manager said. And if Digital Fusion DFX+ takes your fancy prices start at US$295 to $995 for each "module."