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eyeon Software Forerunner In Supercomputing Environment

In keeping with their new commitment to provide the world’s fastest compositing system, eyeon Software announced today the release of a comprehensive development environment aptly named Fusion Developer®.

eyeon Software Forerunner In Supercomputing Environment

Press Release from eyeon Software

IBC Amsterdam : September 9, 2010… In keeping with their new commitment to provide the world’s fastest compositing system, eyeon Software announced today the release of a comprehensive development environment aptly named Fusion Developer®.

With the much-anticipated release of their latest Software Development Kit, eyeon reaches hundreds of industry partners and developers simultaneously worldwide with a new development environment for their award-winning compositing program, eyeon Fusion®. Fusion Developer delivers innumerable possibilities for imaging and 3D development far beyond the scope of Fusion-centric development, as this new offering provides access to creating technologies for supercomputing OpenCL and GPU acceleration.

“We believe that the future is in GPU-accelerated, OpenCL supercomputing. By providing this new development environment, we are anticipating that many others will also soon adopt this direction. With the likes of ILM and other major companies now coding for the GPU, we have seen a major shift in the understanding of the benefits of hardware-accelerated software. Uncharted Territory recently clocked 10 seconds per frame on shots that once took over 120 minutes per frame, benchmarking significant improvements in their workflow!”

Joanne Dicaire, Director of Sales and Marketing, eyeon Software Inc.

The new SDK package hosts advancements in the development environment to include an updated 3D SDK. Fusion Developer also includes:

General / 2D SDK

3D / GPU shader development framework

OpenCL supercomputing development framework OFX hosting framework FuseScripting environment RenderMan® Interface render output

Industry partners have eagerly awaited the release of this overall developmental capability, especially given that eyeon Fusion’s new architecture supports a tremendous boost in speed due to the GPU. AMD is one of today’s leaders in this direction with their highly-successful supercomputing technology, and the company anticipates launching its own AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APU) in 2011.

“The software industry as a whole is embracing the value of using both graphics and CPU to accelerate applications, and AMD is pleased to see that eyeon is making considerable strides in this area. Eyeon’s extensive application hosts a visualization-based supercomputing environment which makes it easier to develop OpenCL applications. Our customers certainly benefit when they can work with multithreaded software and hardware, and we look forward to the increased productivity that will result as applications leveraging both CPU and GPU hardware become more prevalent.”

Janet Matsuda, Senior Director, Professional Graphics, AMD

Today’s market is extremely diverse. Fusion Developer not only offers professionals, third-party developers, academic R&D laboratories, and other industry partners the ability to develop for eyeon Fusion or for their own purposes, it offers immediate access to the cutting edge of technology.

A short list of eyeon’s additional industry partners include:


Anatomical Travelogue


Imagica’s Primatte

Prime Focus

Re:Vision FX

Starz Animation

Many, many more

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