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eyeon Releases Courseware Edition 2 for Digital Fusion/DFX+

eyeon Software Inc. announced the availability of its latest courseware series, Edition 2, an integrated system-based learning experience, exploring the tools within Digital Fusion/DFX+ while outlining features, benefits and varying degrees of application. Edition 2 is a valuable resource for anyone looking to broaden their compositing foundation.

Follow eyeon's artist through direct interface captures of Digital Fusion, then attempt each individual tutorial using the footage and finished flows provided via free download.

The tutorials cover introductory topics including interface navigation, loading footage and managing project length and tool parameters, before moving to more advanced system-based topics, such as color correction, particles, tracking, effects masks, animation and keyframing, keying, expressions and more. This free tutorial series will surely benefit any aspiring artist or established compositing professional.

"Edition 2 is intended to help those recently introduced to Digital Fusion/DFX+ hone their skills and move beyond simple compositing tasks," explains Rony Soussan, eyeon's director of business development USA. Courseware Edition 1 is a valuable tool for an introduction to workflow and does cover some advanced compositing techniques, yet it has always been our intent to provide more training materials, which help express new or alternate techniques for advanced DF compositing, hence Edition 2 and future complimentary releases."

eyeon' s Courseware Edition 2 is immediately available via free download from

eyeon Software provides solutions for creative desktop vfx of leading production formats. Drawing upon their expertise in film special effects and commercial broadcast production, the creators at eyeon continue to develop qualitative tools to suit realistic working environments, with product support at no additional charge.