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Eyeon To Partner With Digital-Tutors

eyeon Software announced they have partnered with Digital-Tutors to complete a brand new Fusion training series.

Digital-Tutors is developing a library of training materials for new and experienced artists learning and using Fusion, eyeon's leading flagship compositing toolset for film, commercial broadcast, motion graphics and games development markets.

Digital-Tutors is known for developing award-winning video-based training for digital artists, which includes students, professionals, educators, and facilities alike. Developed by a team of educators and industry professionals, the training Digital-Tutors develops assists artists working at top studios worldwide in the creation of next generation feature films, commercials, video games, and visual effects.

With Digital-Tutors partnering with eyeon to create a Fusion centric curriculum the demand for skilled Fusion artists is clear. Fusion is becoming recognized as the industry standard in compositing and with the available to work on PC, Linux and Intel-based Macs platforms, Fusion has sustained an exponential increase in popularity.

Digital-Tutors' self-paced approach to learning compositing benefits the hundreds of facilities globally that require well-trained Fusion artists to hit the ground running.

This partnership represents eyeon's commitment to the Fusion community and will allow facilities to have access to train the artists they require with the help of Digital-Tutors.