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EyeballNYC Plays With Nike Town In-Store Ads

EyeballNYC has produced two 60-second spots for in-store video displays in 13 Nike Town stores and in the 90 Nike factory stores. The spots will also be sent to retailers like Footlocker. The ads were loosely based on the "Nike Play" print campaign. "It is fun to work with Nike because they always have strong creative to build on," said EyeballNYC art director Tatiana Arocha. "I love how they define the creative parameters early on and then allow me to play as much as I want. Both pieces were based on the idea of a pictograph game but I didn't want to literally translate that concept onto the screen. I felt it would be more fun to use the pictograph as inspiration for movement combined with the natural dynamic of the shoes. Nike has a strong image but that never stops them from being willing to use new styles. Add to that the material they provide us, essentially the shoes themselves, [and it] offers enough inspiration to produce a wealth of color and texture palettes. I also get involved in the creation of the music by working with [composer] Alex [Moulton] and that helps me get a clear sense of the rhythm and structure that the piece will have."

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