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EyeballNYC Hires Designer Roy Oppenheim

Roy Oppenheim has been hired as a designer at broadcast and commercial design firm EyeballNYC. The designer came to New York in 2000 after having worked at several Israeli companies as a designer and design director. His U.S. freelance assignments included projects for Manhattan Transfer and FDG. Oppenheim brings to the company expertise in Photoshop, Freehand, Painter Lightwave, AfterEffects and Premier. "EyeballNYC caught my interest because I like the feeling of exploration and sharing. It seems like a relaxed working environment while still being innovative," said Oppenheim. Limore Shur, creative director and founder, said, "I am always looking at portfolios. I guess if I keep looking, someone's work will eventually stand out. Roy's work stood out. His work is unique and accessible. He has a great portfolio and the kind of experience I look for. His range of style and skill are great, from illustrating in 3D and compositing to a superb sense for typography. He is a great fit for Eyeball and can continue our evolution. I am interested in designers with the potential to help us create new ideas and styles. I see Eyeball's work constantly changing and growing, and am happy Roy has joined us."

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