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EyeballNYC Creates Super DJs For ShoNext

As part of a growing package for Showtime Network's recently launched ShoNext Channel, design boutique EyeballNYC created three new interstitial series of "Disc Jockey," a mixed-media exploration of emerging American DJs. Each two-minute segment combines a documentary style with a tongue-in-cheek animated superhero sequence to create a light-hearted, satirical look at the world of the disc jockey. The animated, comic book styled section, merging video and stills, is framed around an interview segment, while the animation transforms each DJ into a superhero alter ego. The latest three DJs profiled are DJ Craze, DJ Star Eyes and Disco D. The DJ characters were created in 3-D and placed next to hand illustrated renditions, which were animated and composited in Adobe After Effects. "Each animated vignette was inspired by the DJ's personal style," said EyeballNYC art director Tatiana Arocha. "We took aspects of their real lives and personalities and turned them into something fantastic. We were not going for the standard superhero, however. These are real-life stories, but they are wildly imaginative versions of actual events. Case in point: when DJ Craze was told about his animated alter ego, he asked if he could wear a cape for the remainder of the interview. Disappearing for a moment, he returned with a white bath towel tied around his shoulders. In the interest of art imitating life, Arocha created the Craze superhero wearing a towel.