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Eyeballnyc Blinks In New Executive Producer

Eyeballnyc, the New York design and production boutique, has named Michael Eastwood as their new executive producer. Previously, Eastwood worked for Andy Arkin's rep firm Blah! BLAH? (Blah...), New York, which represents leading commercial, production design and animation companies. Eastwood started his career as a producer working for Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation. Limore Shur, Eyeballnyc founder and creative director, said, "His background, working as both a producer and rep for production companies, combined with his desire to help grow this company in all the right ways will make him a great asset to Eyeballnyc." Eastwood said, "Eyeballnyc boasts an impressive client list and has expanded its creative horizons from a steady diet of broadcast work to include a variety of advertising agency work, corporate projects, music videos and non-traditional media, all directed by Eyeballnyc. They are a progressive, innovative company and I'm excited to be part of it."

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