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EyeballNYC Adds Color To Spirit 2001 Spots

Creative design boutique EyeballNYC has produced two 30-second promotional spots for the Bravo Networks' Independent Spirit Awards 2001 coverage. Inspired by the Independent Film Channel's Spirit 2001 poster, Eyeball used a syncopated hot pink, orange and purple photo-box grid effect. In "Sweepstakes" and "Tune-In," hot-colored cubic boxes flip, slide and pop into view to reveal details of the Spirit Awards program, which will air March 25, 2001. In addition, EyeballNYC handled the on-air package for the Spirit Awards, including the design of the show's opening and graphic packaging. "We did not want our designs to stray far from the look of the poster," said senior designer Tatiana Arocha. "So we designed a dimensional approach and intermixed it with iconic imagery from the film industry that we projected onto the graphic elements. Original music, composed by EyeballNYC, complemented and often led the personality and pacing of the project." EyeballNYC's team was made of: creative director Limore Shur; senior designer Arocha; junior designer Rachel Riggs; 3D animators Stuart Simms and Sal Midolo; editor, original music composer and sound designer Alex Moulton; producer Nina Goldberg; and executive producer Michael Eastwood.

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