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Eyeball Wakes Investors With NTL Ad

Eyeball, a New York design studio, has created the new spot for NTL, Europe's largest broadband company, promoting their listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The commercial opens with the bright organically colored NTL logo followed by a purple colon. A matter-of-fact male voice-over tells the story of NTL's impending move to the NYSE as the points of the colon morph into two wires, which follow the camera through NTL's vast array of services. "We learned on a Thursday morning that we had won the NTL job," said Eyeball founder and creative director Limore Shur. "And they wanted it ready the following Monday. We made styleframes on Thursday, a rough-cut on Friday and delivered the finished spot on Monday. In spite of the tight deadline, it went surprisingly smoothly. My idea quickly evolved into a simple 3D representation with an organic, tangible feel, that worked with the soft colors and jazzy music." Shur also enticed his Grammy award-winning brother Itaal Shur to compose the music. "I wanted something jazz standard in tone," Limore Shur said. "I asked Itaal for a favor and he came through. He even took the time to play the keyboards, along with an upright bass. He has a nice studio in our loft and we recorded the music in about an hour-and-a-half. I had an artist work with 3D Studio MAX and I worked with another designer in After Effects. The clients were very open-minded and were happy with our ideas." Eyeball used 3D Studio MAX, Adobe After Effects and Windows NT. The spot was produced for New York ad agency Griffin-Bacall.

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