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Eyeball Flows With Forum Credit Union Spot

Eyeball has created eye-popping effects and animation for two spots highlighting Forum Credit Union. In the commercials showcasing the banks change of name from Telco Credit Union, Eyeball artists created an underwater feel with floating numbers. The spots open with numbers, icons and computer symbols streaming rapidly across the TV screen. A bright flash transforms the word "Telco" into "Forum." Creative director Limore Shur said, "The most challenging aspect of the spot was creating the movement of the piece we wanted a life-like motion of swimming through the various 3D layers." Eyeball designer Todd Neale said, "When I saw the boards, my first reaction was, How are we going to do this? its a very sophisticated design." Neale said that the piece is comprised of many layers of animation, graphics and lighting, some created with 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop software, but also by organic methods, such as using a digital camera to film light from inside a photocopier. "There were thirty layers of animation," said Neale. "Once we had that down the project became somewhat easier. From there we added many animation layers and lighting effects." Eyeball produced the project for ad agency Indianapolis, Indiana-based CVR Marc.

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