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Extraordinary Misunderstanding About Spielberg Leaving Indy IV

Despite a recent comment by Sean Connery (while promoting THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN in Las Vegas) that Steven Spielberg might not direct INDY IV, a spokesman for the director told that he fully intends to shoot the movie in 2004 for release in the summer of 2005.

"Somebody, somewhere, must have misunderstood something," the spokesman said. "Thestory is not true. I said today that if I had Indy's whip, I might have been able to knockthis out quicker."

Connery also told EMPIRE in the U.K. that he's willing to reprise his role as Indy's father in the new film, depending on the quality of (Frank Darabont's script) and other factors, such as Spielberg's involvement.