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Ex'pression Students Create VES Awards Short Honoring George Lucas

Ex'pression College for Digital Arts' students from its 3D animation and visual effects program created a film short to be honoring George Lucas for his Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards on February 18, 2004 in Hollywood.

The concept of Ex'pression's film short was to do a spoof piece where a supposed grip, who worked with George Lucas during the production of STAR WARS, is interviewed about how he steered Lucas away from bad ideas. During the interview, viewers will see cuts to news shots of how the county of Marin was besieged by the real creatures and ships portrayed in the movie.

Ex'pression faculty and students that were involved include:Director: Andrew BrittProducer: KC MurphyConcept Art: Raul ViceralEditor: Andrew ButterworthSound Design: David FeiseFilm Crew: Andrew Butterworth, Raul Viceral, Josh Sigman"Smitty": Stepen KopelsNews Reporter: Liam MayclemEffects clips: Stephen Bishop, Brad Erre, Andrew Butterworth, Todd Faulkner, Scott Hankel, Jason Hunken, Dan Kunz, Kyle Lauk, David Payne, Raul Viceral

The Visual Effects Society (, founded in 1997, is comprised of distinguished visual effects artists and technologists who are professionally committed to the specialized industry of visual effects. The society provides its members with a platform for communication, education, and recognition of the current and future state of the visual effects industry. Society headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California, with approximately 900 global members.

Founded in 1999 by Gary Platt and Eckart Wintzen, Ex'pression is a training ground for animators, visual effects artists, recording engineers, producers and designers. Ex'pression teaches and grants Bachelor degrees in three programs: Sound Arts; Digital Visual Media (including animation, 3D modeling and visual effects); and Digital Graphic Design. Ex'pression is located in a 65,000-square-foot building, at 6601 Shellmound St. in Emeryville, California, near San Francisco. For more information, visit

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