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Ex'pression Students Create Marble Madness For Tech TV

Ex'pression, a digital arts school located in California's Bay Area, has given several of its Digital Graphics Design students the chance to apply the knowledge gained in classes to a real world situation when they were selected by Tech TV to create a station ID for the technology channel. Using applications including Maya and After Effects, the students created the 10-second long bumper, called "Marble Madness," which shows the Tech TV logo elements (silver and red balls) becoming marbles. Then, a human child and a robot play a game where one by one the marbles are tossed on to a board, until finally a large marble scatters the contents of the board to reveal the Tech TV logo. Ex'pression students responsible for completing the project are Kyle Carasso, Dustin Gates, Michael Lopez, Carolyn McDonald and Krissy Munroe. The ID will air in September 2002. Founded in 1999, Ex'pression Center for New Media teaches and grants bachelor degrees in three programs: Sound Arts; Digital Visual Media (including animation, 3D modeling and visual effects); and Digital Graphic Design.