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Experience Softimage|XSI For Free

First Alias|Wavefront offers their Maya graphics software for free and now, not to be outdone, Softimage has announced the availability of the SOFTIMAGE|XSI Experience. This free two-CD pack includes the full feature set of the SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.2.0 Advanced system, the complete searchable SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.2.0 Online Documentation Library and a comprehensive video-based training module. The SOFTIMAGE|XSI Experience CD gives unlimited, free access to the company's nonlinear animation system and tools and is available to order from As it is intended for non-commercial use only, Softimage has restricted output with the use of a watermark on rendered images and projects cannot be saved. CDs are available at no cost and are designed for use with the Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT platforms. To facilitate usage, no additional licensing procedures are required other than those in the license agreement included on the CD at the time of installation.