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Experience Real-Time SCRATCH Data Workflow at NAB 09

Press Release from ASSIMILATE

Las Vegas, Nevada -- April 21, 2008 -- NAB 09 -- ASSIMILATE, developer and provider of the SCRATCH Digital Process Solution, continues to offer the latest advances in real-time digital intermediate (DI) workflows for use by all filmmakers and post-production houses. ASSIMILATE's focus for NAB 09 is demonstrations of its latest version of the SCRATCH Digital Process Solution; SCRATCH FINSIHING module; SCRATCH-RED 4K Digital Workflow; and the SCRATCH Stereoscopic 3D Workflow.

The SCRATCH-RED 4K Workflow easily supports RED Digital Cinema's native REDCODE files. Once the REDCODE RAW.R3D files are loaded into SCRATCH, post-production artists can immediately review; assemble; conform; do real-time playback, color grading, and finishing; and output to any format, any resolution, up to and including full 4K. The SCRATCH-RED workflow is also useful on location, allowing the filmmaker to immediately review shots and shoot more footage if necessary before striking the set.

ASSIMILATE offers an efficient and powerful, production-tested, stereoscopic/3D digital workflow that runs on optimized commodity workstations. The usual real-time SCRATCH tools can be applied, including data management, conform, color grading, preview, dailies, real-time playback, rough cuts, and finishing.

"When we founded ASSIMILATE in 2004, our vision had a specific focus: empower creative professionals with a simplified, data-centric, and completely real-time 2K DI pipeline. This opened the doors to hundreds of independent filmmakers and boutique post houses, worldwide, to create high-quality imagery projects -- films, trailers, TV episodes, music videos, and commercials -- on a restricted budget," says Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE. "Since then, our digital workflows have had regular updates – based on customer requests and input – to give these users even greater visual and creative capability, as well as ease-of-use with real-time 4K and stereoscopic 3D pipelines. The SCRATCH digital workflow has evolved to be a ubiquitous tool, supporting these formats, as well as all other formats such as film, 2K, and HD/SD. Users worldwide now have more choices for creating vibrant imagery and breaking new cinematic ground, with SCRATCH as the clear choice for a cost-effective, real-time digital workflow that makes efficiency, greater productivity, and time savings possible."

ASSIMILATE Demo Suites During NAB 09, ASSIMILATE is conducting several SCRATCH demonstrations at its three demo suites (#730, 732, 739), located at the Renaissance Hotel, a 3 minute walk from the LVCC south hall. Highlights include SCRATCH FINISHING, SCRATCH Stereoscopic 3D Workflow, the SCRATCH-RED 4K Workflow, new SCRATCH tools, and RED cameras.To schedule a demonstration, contact

See SCRATCH throughout NAB 09 Show Floor4K Forum, NAB 09 show floor: Lucas Wilson, ASSIMILATE, presents SCRATCH to creative and post professionals for deeper insights into new developments for hardware, software, and display technologies

Adobe Systems, Booth #SL3629MR, SL3329MR, SL3320: See round-trip sharing of the same color information among Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and SCRATCH

Bluefish, booth #SL7626: SCRATCH will be shown integrated with LUST 2K for video deliveries.

EditShare, booth #SL6420: SCRATCH will be shown on the EditShare shared storage solutions – XStream Series – enabling real-time DPX and RED 4K workflows across DI and non-DI post-production equipment.

Facilis, booth #SL8505: SCRATCH will be shown connected to a Terrablock shared storage solution, including stereo playback.

Rorke Data, Renaissance Hotel suites: SCRATCH will be shown on Rorke's high-speed storage solutions

SCRATCH BackgrounderSCRATCH Digital Process Solution is the essential mix for a streamlined, real-time, easy-to-use, cost-effective, resolution-independent, end-to-end pipeline for pre-and-post-production. A broad spectrum of creative and post artists -- studio and independent filmmakers, large and boutique post-production facilities, animation studios, VFX houses, trailer developers, agencies -- benefit from the bottom-line advantages of the SCRATCH digital workflow: increased speed and productivity, ability to easily experiment, quality output to any format, and an up-tick in profits. Whether an imaging project is film (2K/4K), HD/SD, RED ONE 4K, or stereoscopic 3D, SCRATCH enables your workflow of choice. SCRATCH includes a robust core feature set that includes real-time data management, review/playback, assemble/edit, conform, color grading, multi-layer grading stack, audio, visual effects (enhanced by third-party plug-ins), finishing, support for 1D, 3D and customer-developed Look-Up-Tables (LUTs), finishing, and final mastering to any format.

About ASSIMILATEASSIMILATE is transforming post production of visually complex imagery projects with its SCRATCH Digital Process Solution, the essential mix for a real-time, resolution-dependent data pipeline. Along with data management, SCRATCH features a rich set of DI and post tools for working in any combination of HD, SD, film (2K, 4K), RED ONE 4K, and stereoscopic 3D. ASSIMILATE is committed to empowering the broad spectrum of creative and post-production professionals with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, data-centric solutions that deliver optimal price/performance. To learn more about SCRATCH, see