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Exluna Releases First Rendering Tool

Exluna, a new start-up dedicated to developing affordable 3D tools, is releasing Entropy, an advanced 3D rendering product. Entropy is the first offering of Exluna's "Look Development" tools and technologies, which allow digital artists to manipulate the appearance of 3D objects, using shading, lighting, painting and rendering techniques. Entropy will be unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles on August 14-16, along with a first look at Exluna's bridge product for Discreet's 3ds max and 3D Studio VIZ scheduled for release this fall. Entropy will sell for US$1,500. "We're dedicated to making 3D Look Development a less esoteric process -- artists don't need to have engineering or programming skills to be able to develop compelling 3D images," said Beth Loughney, chief executive officer at Exluna. "Entropy's affordability and availability on multiple platforms should help make the latest 3D Look Development tools available to a wider market." Frank DeLise, 3ds max product manager, said, "Discreet is dedicated to pioneering new tools for digital artists. And so we welcome Exluna's own pioneering work in developing such a powerful rendering tool as Entropy and their commitment to continue to enhance and extend this exciting technology. The result should be the burgeoning of new creativity throughout the industry." Exluna was founded in July 2000 by graphics innovators Dr. Larry Gritz, Craig Kolb and Matt Pharr.

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