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Exent Technologies Launches In-Game Advertising Solution

Exent Technologies, a global market leader in broadband-based solutions for monetization of PC and videogames, has launched a suite of in-game advertising solutions enabling in-game ads for new and existing titles without the need to access the videogames source code or any SDK integration.

Implementation of in-game advertising was limited to new title releases, where in-game advertising capability had to be integrated into a game title during the development phase. Exent provides, through its patent-pending technology, allows publishers to easily add in-game advertising capabilities at any stage of the product life cycle during development, post-production and even after the games have been deployed and installed on users machines. All this can be done without any involvement from the original developer, and without any technical integration.

Publishers can add in-game advertising campaigns for games that were never originally designed to support it. This allows publishers to generate additional revenue from all their assets, new titles, as well as back catalog, leveraging the hundreds of millions of installed game units.

In-game advertising is the next step in the evolution of the games industry, said Zvi Levgoren, ceo, Exent Technologies. Exent technology provides the key to unlock an impressive inventory of in-game advertising spots. Appealing to game publishers, brand owners, media companies and service providers, Exents in-game advertising solutions create new revenue channels for all involved and an opportunity for consumers to reap the monetary benefits.

Other benefits and abilities include:* Pirated copies campaigns identify pirated copies and create campaigns to salvage revenues from them, no matter how old the title is and when it is cracked* Demo games generate revenues from demo games by inserting ads* Try/buy enable generating advertising revenues during trial periods, while allowing better control for purchased copies

Game publishers benefit by significantly reducing content costs, offsetting development costs and increasing recurring revenue. Service providers who have already taken advantage of Exents Games-on-Demand services can now offer ad-based subsidized games services to increase customer stickiness and reduce churn.

Exents product line supports multiple solutions, including digital distribution of videogames, cross-platform enablement, in-game advertising and community building solutions. Tel Aviv-based Exent ( delivers technologies and products for various markets, including video game publishers, broadband service providers, consumer portals, consumer electronics manufacturers, media companies, advertising agencies, brand owners, retailers and others.

Among the companies using Exent's technologies and services are Comcast, Yahoo!, Verizon, Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Bell Canada, RCN, Telefonica, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Portugal Telecom, KPN, Telstra, and others. Exent's major shareholders include Intel Capital, Cisco, Avansis, Time Warner, Comcast, Concord Ventures, Geyser and New Enterprise Assoc.