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Exent Launches Animated TumbleBooks

Exent has launched TumbleBooks, a collection of animated, talking picture books that teach kids the joy of reading in an easy-to-use format, through its Games-on-Demand services. The books are created by taking existing picture books licensed from leading children's book publishers, and then adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book.

Exent has licensed 17 TumbleBooks, including books by Robert Munsch (PAPER BAG PRINCESS), Grace Lin (ROUND IS A MOONCAKE), and Joceline Sanschagrin (CAILLOU series), from Tumbleweed Press. The content is designed primarily for early childhood and elementary school levels.

"TumbleBooks offers a remarkable collection of books and games that teachers across the country tell us have captured the attention of even the most reluctant readers," said Ron Zevy, president of Tumbleweed Press. "We've already become the top provider of interactive online storybooks to educational institutions in North America. This deal with Exent will allow us to directly reach the millions of parents in this country with broadband Internet connections."

Exent-powered Games-on-Demand services make it possible for consumers of all ages to play hundreds of interactive entertainment titles from their home broadband connection as part of a monthly subscription. In addition to entertainment offerings for teens and adults, Exent has recently launched a subscription package designed specifically for kids, with pre-screened, award-winning content that is developmentally sound and that has a strong educational component.

"The addition of TumbleBooks to what has traditionally been a gaming service is a natural extension of the Games-on-Demand concept," said Zvi Levgoren, Exent ceo. "The interactive entertainment industry is increasingly recognizing the opportunities inherent in offering content that appeals to a broader audience than the traditional gamer crowd. Games-on-demand services are expanding the market by bringing interactive entertainment to millions of people that have not been adequately served."

TumbleBooks is the digital media division of Tumbleweed Press Inc. Tumbleweed Press is based in Toronto, Canada and is a global leader in the creation and delivery of print and electronic interactive reading experiences. TumbleBooks currently offers reading services that provide access to an extensive catalogue of titles, in three unique formats, to millions of readers of all ages and abilities worldwide. For more information, visit

Exent is the market leader in technology and service solutions for secure digital delivery of gaming and application software for service providers seeking to digitally distribute, manage and monetize a digital, on-demand games and applications service. Exent delivers products and solutions that support software publishers, broadband service providers, consumer portals, retailers and others. For more information, visit

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