Ex’pression College Awarded National Accreditation

Expression College for Digital Arts announced that it has been awarded National Accreditation by the ACCSCT (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology). Accreditation is a means of assisting private career schools and colleges to become stronger and better institutions by setting standards of educational quality. Accreditation supports the efforts of institutions to achieve maximum educational effectiveness for students, employers and the public.

Expression Colleges national accreditation is the culmination of a three-year process consisting of a comprehensive review of all academic and ancillary activities and resources that support an institutions educational objectives and the programs it offers.

Expressions ceo, Peter Laanen helped spearhead the process. Were delighted to have achieved this milestone. This accreditation provides us with a stamp of approval by the ACCSCT, signifying that we comply with the institutional standards of performance that are considered essential to a high-quality student education.

The ACCSCT is a private, nonprofit, independent accrediting agency whose goal is maintaining educational quality in the career schools and colleges it accredits by striving to assure academic excellence and ethical practices. The ACCSCT is dedicated to the more than 360,000 students who annually pursue career education at its accredited institutions.

Founded in 1999, Expression is a unique, fully licensed digital arts college. Expression College for Digital Arts teaches and grants Bachelor degrees in three programs: Sound Arts; 3DAnimation/Visual Effects; and Broadcast Design. Expression utilizes a professional accelerated program and students live and learn in the culture of digital arts for approximately 2.5 years. Expression College is located in an 85,000-square-foot building, at 6601 Shellmound St. in Emeryville, California, just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. For more information, go to www.expression.edu.

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