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Ex-Disney Animators Start Funnypages Prods.

Disney veteran animators Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley have formed a new animation development company, Funnypages Prods. Llc, which joins their already existing subsidiary comic book publishing company, Funnypages Press in Orlando, Florida. Funnypages Prods. will offer a full range of animation production as well as illustration, character design and artistic development. The animation house has also developed many original properties for film and television.

Corley and Bancroft have more than 30 combined years of experience in the animation and have been nominated for Annie and Rueben awards.

While at Disney, the two partners worked on 10 animated feature films, five animated shorts and numerous special projects and commercials. Some of the films include: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE LION KING, ALADDIN, MULAN, LILO & STITCH and BROTHER BEAR. Bancroft was also a character designer and director for Big Idea Prods., known for its family-friendly VEGGIETALES video series.

Tom and I feel like we are just getting started, states partner Rob Corley. Funnypages Prods. has afforded us the artistic opportunities that weve always wanted to have.

Bancroft adds, Our hearts are for two areas: family entertainment and character driven stories. Many of our clients want those same things in their projects. They have found that Funnypages Prods. has the talent, experience and ability to deliver it.

Clients include: Walt Disney Publishing Worldwide, Disney Special Projects, Scholastic, Fisher-Price, Forefront Records-EMI and DC Comics. For more information as well as an online portfolio and sampling of the studios abilities, please go to: