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EverQuest Legacy Honored With 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book

In celebration of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the genre-defining EVERQUEST online game franchise, Sony Online Ent. is releasing EVERQUEST: THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTOR'S EDITION early next year. The retrospective celebrating the first decade of the EVERQUEST phenomenon will be available online and at select retailers in North America.

"The EVERQUEST massively multiplayer online role-playing game was groundbreaking at the time, and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate this game and tell the story of the people, the art, the players and more, all of which contributed to the EVERQUEST legacy we know today," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Ent.

This new hardcover collector's book celebrates that legacy by taking a look at the past, present and future of the EVERQUEST brand. The book will be filled with essays and photographs of the events, products, personalities and art that graced the world of Norrath over the years. Rich in vivid detail, each page will help tell the story of the evolution and its place in our culture.

The book will be written by veteran video game book author Rusel DeMaria and will also explore the fans' fascination with the online game, artwork, community, imagination and innovation that have fueled this massively multiplayer game.

Players attending SOE's annual Fan Faire next week, held in Las Vegas, Aug. 14-17, will have the opportunity to pre-order the book at a special price.

The book, published by BradyGAMES, will be available at participating retail locations in early 2009. To order your copy of the EVERQUEST 10th anniversary collector's book, visit