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Evans Recasts Adult Animation In Kid Notorious

Watch out Spike TV as Comedy Central delivers what should ultimately satisfy its favorite male demographics with Robert Evans as his animated self in KID NOTORIOUS, premiering Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 10:30 pm on COMEDY CENTRAL. It offers loads of sex, sleaze, drugs, raw language, guns, violence, racial slurs and political satire with an arresting graphic style and sophisticated writing just made for adult men and ladies who like to ride rough with the boys.

KID NOTORIOUS is a series of Evans' real-life and fictional adventures as he charms Hollywood, battles global corruption and, of course, always gets the ladies.

In the debut episode, entitled Hip-Hop to the Godfather, revenge is on Evans' mind when Sharon Stone drops out of his next film to pursue Sharon Stones Vagina, her version of the Vagina Monologues. After an erratic driving incident lands Evans in jail, alongside members of two rival street gangs, Evans avoids marrying one of his cellmates with the spin inspiration to take the rapping hoods to Broadway as stars of his next, greatest idea, an updated rendition of THE GODFATHER featuring an all hip-hop cast to open on the same night as Sharon Stones Vagina.

Evans voices himself, figuring no one else could capture his style. Other characters featured in KID NOTORIOUS include English, the archetypal butler, voiced by Evans real-life butler for the past decade, Alan Selka, along with his feisty housekeeper, Tollie Mae, voiced by Niecy Nash (RENO 911!). The most arresting one is his adorable black kitten, Puss Puss, who delights in terrorizing the butler while playing adoringly up to its master Evans. Puss Puss passes up catnip for the human kind, taking a hit off a bong or rolling a doobie for Evans as they lounge under the sheets, while they recover from an escapade.

What sets this toon off from other primetime animated fair is the adult design of the characters, props and backgrounds. The look is far more sophisticated than shows intended for adults, unbelievably achieved in Flash entirely in-house by Central Prods., a production company that Comedy Central set up in Burbank, California. Movements are jumpy and rough, but the style, color and light reflections off polished surfaces gives it a 2D/3D effect.

Joining Evans as exec producers on KID NOTORIOUS are Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland (KING OF THE HILL), and Brett Morgen (THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE). Comedy Central's Jim Sharp and Angela Howard serve as execs in charge of production.

Animation credits include producers J. Michael Mendle, Monica Mitchel and supervising directors Cullen Blaine and Pete Michels. Art direction is by Jerry Richardson. Michael Q. Ceballos is character design supervisor and Marice F. Morgan II supervises backgrounds. Lead animators are Alx S. Meza and Dave Markowitz, Storyboard artists include Brian Tribble, David Steel and Deke Wightan. Paul Dalder is on board as editor while Mark Douglas is post-production supervisor. Marc Bonilla handles the music and Jeff Danna did the main title music. Deballos and Richardson did the original main character design. Casting is by Dawn Hershey.

Evans is best known for his illustrious career as head of Paramount Pictures and indie producer at the studio, where he was responsible for such successes as CHINATOWN, THE CONVERSATION, THE GODFATHER, THE GODFATHER II, ROSEMARY'S BABY, TRUE GRIT, LOVE STORY, HAROLD AND MAUDE, SERPICO, MARATHON MAN, URBAN COWBOY and POPEYE. He recently produced HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS, starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

Future episodes will include Evans losing his treasured home, Woodland, to French President Jacques Chirac in a poker game and making movie deals with Hollywoods A-list, while saving the world from mass destruction.

Of interest is the closing credit card on the series with the warning: Celebrity voices are impersonated but not Robert Evans, who is voiced by Robert Evans, who may or may not have slept with your wife. Program may contain coarse language and or adult situations and or childish situations.