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Evans Finds Dream Studio In New York City

Lost Dreams Studios producer/director Jeremy Evans found his dream when he decided to move his small, hometown production company from Iowa to New York City.

Evans started Lost Dreams Productions while attending the University of Iowa in 1997. Self-taught and working on his own editing system, he tackled small scale, community projects high school football games, local weddings, etc. He and a friend formed a partnership, and decided to trade small town charm for a more production-driven, urban setting. In 1998 Evans and LDP arrived in the Big Apple without clients or even office space. The company set up in some back offices of Blackwatch Productions, and was quickly billed as Blackwatchs post-production arm. With Blackwatch, Evans captured post-production work for toy commercials and promos, with an emphasis on VFX.

After three years of working under Blackwatch, Evans partner moved on to pursue an acting career. Evans had taken on an intern, Jin Lee. A University of Chicago and School of Visual Arts graduate with strong technical and artistic abilities, Lee added a new dimension to LDP, and Evans made him a full partner.

Within five months, the pair landed jobs with Grey Healthcare Group, the pharmaceutical arm of Grey Worldwide and the fifth largest pharmaceutical agency in the world. They also snagged pharmaceutical work from Young & Rubicam, but have also been the creative force behind short films, music videos, industrials, promos and commercials for various clients.

In February 2003, their client roster was so full, that the Blackwatch walls could no longer adequately house them. Evans and Lee moved to offices in the Union Square area and changed their name from Productions to Lost Dreams Studios.

Evans explains that the name change was a reflection of whats required from a production company in todays marketplace. Productions says just one thing. Its not enough to be just a producer or an editor. We are constantly multitasking, learning, improving our skills and thinking out of the box.

To reflect the ever-expanding needs of their clients, LDS has thrown its hat into the full-service production arena. Although they arent letting go of the strong foothold they have in post-production and F/X, they are interested in working with clients from concept through execution. Lee adds, We offer a full range of creative services we run the entire gamut of the production pipeline. Were artists and designers who arent afraid to get down and dirty. Involving everyone in the design process from start to finish supplies the energy and enthusiasm to consistently produce the best visual product.

LDS clients include ABC/Nightline, BBDO, HBO, Grey Worldwide, Eli Lilly & Company, IBM, MTV/VH-1, Paramount, and Warner Bros. While maintaining their client roster, LDS ( looks forward to taking on more all-inclusive projects and independent, full-length feature films in early 2004. To view the LDS reel, please contact launchmedia:group at (310) 821-5878.