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Euro-Disney May Not Party Like It's 1999

A strike by union employees at Disneyland Paris may stop the park's rocking

New Year's Eve celebration. Disney played down the chance of a strike,

however local union leader Elena Stanciu warned, "The party'll be ruined,"

citing staff frustration over slow-moving pay talks and dissatisfaction

with a $115 New Year's Eve bonus as the main reasons for the latest threat

of a walk out. Stanciu said seasonal staff were being offered almost four

times as much for working December 31. Disney execs were in 11th-hour talks

with union representatives the night of Monday, December 20, 1999 in an

effort to avoid any party ruining actions. Disney offered this statement to

the public: "Families and friends will have a wonderful time in the Magic

Kingdom, whatever the outcome of the current negotiations." This event

doesn't help support Disney's efforts in Europe, as they recently announced

they will be closing the Disney Stores in Germany in 2000 due to poor

revenues and customer numbers.

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