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Escape Studios Launches MA in VFX with Bradford University

Escape Studios today launches its first masters programme with the University of Bradford.

Press Release from Escape Studios

London, UK: Escape Studios today launches its first masters programme with the University of Bradford. The Escape Studios MA in Visual Effects Production will offer graduates and seasoned pros alike a wide range of practical skills, as well as in-depth training in analytical and production management techniques, preparing them for working in senior level positions in the computer graphics industry.

Students taking the MA will not only get access to Escape Studios’ tutors and facilities, benefitting from its close ties to the industry, but will get the theoretical and critical appraisal that allows them to advance their career in the industry. Alongside the practical elements, with modules in 2D and 3D VFX and compositing, will be instruction in project management, strategic resource planning and other areas of leading VFX productions that employers look for in senior positions.

Escape Studios has also launched a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Effects Production, which will provide similar levels of instructions across nine months, rather than the eleven-month duration of the MA. This diploma, made up of two smaller certificates in 2D Visual Effects Production and 3D Visual Effects Production, is designed for students who want the deeper level of study the MA provides, but need the flexibility of the shorter qualifications.

Dominic Davenport, CEO and founder of Escape Studios, says “We’re looking to bridge that gap between academia and employment, and really get under the skin of some of the skills needed to progress in the industry. Students on this course will go deeper than ever before in understanding not just the how, but the why as well, learning key project and resource management skills that anyone considering senior level roles needs to have.”

Mark Goodliff, Head of the Department of Creative Technology at the University of Bradford said, “As one of the country’s leading CG academic institutes, we are constantly looking for ways to develop the learning and understanding of computer graphics. Escape’s track record of producing new talent for the CG industry means that we are providing postgraduate students with not only a fantastic learning experience but also the best possible chance of employment in their chosen field.”

The MA in Visual Effects Production has been developed with the help of senior industry figures acting as objective advisors, including Dayne Cowan, Chair of the UK Section of the Visual Effects Society. He said “This course is going to produce ‘super students’, with the knowledge and skills we need in the industry to keep us at the cutting edge. By combining Escape’s industry ties with Bradford’s academic reputation these students will have the skills they need to become the next leaders of the CG industry.”

Students taking the courses, whether MA or PG Dip, will have access to student funding through the University of Bradford. Students on the MA will follow the same structure as those on the PG Diploma, with an extra Visual Effects Product Project taking place at the end over twelve weeks at Escape Studio’s HQ in west London.

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About the University of BradfordThe Department of Creative Technology is the home for Computer Animation and Games Development at the University.  As a pioneer in the field, its focus is on delivering state-of-the-art, high-quality animation and games development degrees that have a strong industry input. The Department also has a strong research focus, which enriches the curriculum and enhances and strengthens its teaching curriculum. This year, it celebrates its tenth year of producing highly desired graduates, many of which have produced award winning projects as part of their course.  In particular students have enjoyed recent success at the Royal Television Society Regional Awards and Yorkshire’s Game Republic Showcase.  Benefitting from a unique partnership with the National Media Museum, it has strong links with the Bradford Animation Festival and is part of the Yorkshire and Humber Skillset Media Academy. For further information, please visit:

About the VESThe Visual Effects Society (VES) is the entertainment industry's only organization representing the full breadth of visual effects practitioners including artists, technologists, model makers, educators, studio leaders, supervisors, PR/marketing specialists and producers in all areas of entertainment from film, television and commercials to music videos and games. Comprised of a diverse group of more than 2,000 members in 20 countries, the VES strives to enrich and educate its own members and members of the entertainment community at large through a multitude of domestic and international events, screenings and programs.

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