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Escape Studios Announces New Online 3ds Max Course

Enhance your architectural design and visualization skills with the new Autodesk 3ds Max course from Escape Studios.

Taught and created by award-winning architectural and design visualization artist Mike Merron, VISUALIZATION WITH 3DS MAX is delivered through Escape's proprietary online learning system and contains more than 10 hours of HD video tutorial content. Developed for burgeoning artists and architects, including AutoCAD, Revit and Microstation users, VISUALIZATION WITH 3DS MAX provides an introduction to 3ds Max and will help students develop the necessary skills to move into the realm of design visualization.

"This is an essential course for entry level students who want to learn more about the power of 3ds Max for architectural visualization and design," said Mike Merron, the course's creator and instructor. "Because this course is taught with Escape's online learning system, students are able to ask questions of Escape's tutors and engage with other like-minded students studying the course. By sharing and exchanging our collective expertise students are guaranteed a rewarding and unmatched learning experience."

The course covers all the basics of 3ds Max, from modeling and texturing to building shaders and textures for wood, concrete and glass, with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, high-powered renderer mental ray will be introduced to light a provided interior, simulating both day and night. Different ways to quickly model building exteriors will also be demonstrated, creating various assets such as a designer chair and hand spray tap. By the end of this online class, students will have the ability to use 3ds Max, Photoshop and mental ray to render a complete visualization of an office with all assets modeled to a professional level.

VISUALIZATION WITH 3DS MAX is available for GBP 249 (USD $399). No prior knowledge of 3ds Max is necessary; however, a basic knowledge of 3D and some familiarity with Photoshop is recommended.

For more information on the course or to register, visit