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Escape Studios Announces Camera Tracking for VFX Course

Learn the art of mixing computer-generated objects into real-life footage with "Camera Tracking for VFX," a new online course from Escape Studios that delves deeply into the professional camera tracking techniques required by aspiring 3D artists. Taught by the world-renowned staff at Escape Studios, "Camera Tracking for VFX" covers background, workflows and best practices in a flexible online format that includes 12 hours of video content.

The course covers software applications PFTrack 5 and Maya Live, part of Autodesk Maya, showing techniques that are applicable to all software packages. A basic understanding of Maya is required, but the course assumes zero prior knowledge of camera tracking and takes students to an advanced level.

After completing the course, students will be well-versed in tracking, solving and adjusting shots, as well as techniques for manipulating footage. A series of accompanying online videos is provided to clarify key lesson points, and students can experiment with included sample footage for hands-on learning. Additionally, as part of Escape Studios' online learning system, immediate access to professional feedback and communication with other users is provided and encouraged.

"Camera Tracking for VFX" contains more than 12 hours of video content and is available for USD $299 (GBP 199). For more information on Escape Studios' "Camera Tracking for VFX" course or to register, visit