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Escape To Imaginationland Anytime, Anywhere

The launch of the new SOUTH PARK IMAGINATIONLAND mobile game was announced Tuesday.

Based on Comedy Central's hugely popular SOUTH PARK IMAGINATIONLAND trilogy, in which the doors of the world's imagination are thrown wide open and the boys of SOUTH PARK are transported to a magical realm in their greatest odyssey ever.

The mobile game will be available cross carrier and on a variety of handsets including the Apple iPhone, and various Windows Mobile and Blackberry mobile devices.

Comedy Central Mobile and RealArcade Mobile plan to release the SOUTH PARK IMAGINATIONLAND game worldwide in June.

The player's mission in the SOUTH PARK IMAGINATIONLAND mobile game is to take on Butters' massive job to rescue the world in three arenas (Happy Imaginationland, Evil Imaginationland and The Battle for Imaginationland).

The quest begins with the Mayor teaching the player how to bounce high by using his imagination. The player must utilize his bouncing skills to collect items and accomplish missions inside an allotted time limit. As the player accomplishes more missions, Butters gains extra imagination power to restore Imaginationland from the grasp of evil.

SOUTH PARK IMAGINATIONLAND mobile game has more than 60 mind-blowing levels. This is the second SOUTH PARK mobile game made in cooperation with RealArcade Mobile, which publishes casual game hits from the PC onto mobile handsets and portable devices.

RealArcade Mobile has created more than 40 mobile games supporting more than 800 handsets for wireless carriers around the world.

In the IMAGINATIONLAND trilogy, the doors of a whole new dimension are thrown open and the boys of South Park walk right in. It all begins with Cartman's quest to find a leprechaun and in turn, win a bet with Kyle that would force him to suck Cartman's balls. The kids have just arrived in Imaginationland, a wondrous, magical place, when terrorists attack, unleashing all of mankind's evil imaginary forces upon the world.

With imaginations running wild, the government steps in and prepares to nuke Imaginationland thus eliminating further attacks on the country's most vulnerable spot. A crisis faces the nation and Stan and Butters remain trapped in Imaginationland. Kyle pleads with the Pentagon for his friends' lives and Cartman goes all the way to the Supreme Court to get justice for his dry balls.

The IMAGINATIONLAND trilogy was released by COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment in March 2008. The special DVD release is uncensored and includes additional footage created exclusively for the DVD.