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Eric Snider’s Blackjack Launches for Palm OS

Sniderware has announced the launch of ERIC SNIDERS BLACKJACK for Palm OS.

With the current Texas Hold Em craze, the demand for casino-style games has never been greater, and weve delivered a winner with ERIC SNIDERS BLACKJACK, said Eric Snider, president/ceo of Sniderware. Players will really enjoy the sharp graphics and realistic gameplay.

ERIC SNIDERS BLACKJACK features a very simple to use interface, smooth animations and graphics that support the latest handheld models with high-resolution screens. By supporting 5-way navigation pads, such as those found on PalmOnes Treo 600 and 650 smartphones, players are able to enjoy the game without using their styli. Not only can Treo users enjoy one-handed game play, but can easily accept incoming calls without losing their current game. Once a call has been completed, a player can return to the current game without starting over.

I've come to have very high expectations for Eric Snider's games, and BLACKJACK certainly doesn't disappoint, said Jen Edwards, the editor-in-chief of POCKETGODDESS.COM, a popular online outlet for mobile technology reviews. The graphics are beautiful, as always, and I don't think I've ever heard a more realistic card shuffling sound in any electronic game. What I like the most though are the little touches throughout that mark this incarnation of a casino favorite as a true Eric Snider original.

A free trial of Eric Sniders Blackjack is available at The game can be purchased for $12.95.

Founded in 2002, Sniderware develops mobile games designed specifically for the adult game player. The company specializes in developing for mobile devices based on the Palm OS. Sniderware's founder, Eric Snider, is a veteran in the gaming world. A game developer since 1991, Snider is the author of ERICS ULTIMATE SOLITAIRE, the original solitaire game bundled with every Apple Macintosh, and also available for Windows. For more information, visit

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