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Eric Anderson Joins yU+co. As A Creative Director

With offices in Hollywood, Hong Kong and Shanghai, acclaimed industry leader yU+co. has added two-time Emmy award-winning Creative Director Eric Anderson to their Hollywood roster.

Eric Anderson

Press Release from yU+co.

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- With offices in Hollywood, Hong Kong and Shanghai, acclaimed industry leader yU+co. has added two-time Emmy award-winning Creative Director Eric Anderson to their Hollywood roster. Set to come onboard in January, the arrival of Anderson will further augment yU+co’s reputation for masterful storytelling across multiple digital platforms in film, television, commercials, gaming and interactive/experiential design.

''We are thrilled to have Eric join the yU+co. creative team,'' says Garson Yu, Founder/Creative Director. ''His understanding of the industry and the many different talents he brings to the table, both as a creative director and live action director, make him a wonderful asset to our company. While we both have different visual styles and sensibilities, at our core we are storytellers first and foremost. Because of that we compliment each other perfectly.''

Anderson has spent the last 12 years at Digital Kitchen in Chicago, most recently as their Executive Creative Director. During his tenure, he was honored with Emmy Awards for the opening sequences to HBO’s ''Six Feet Under'' and Showtime’s ''Dexter.'' Both show opens have had a significant cultural impact, with ''Dexter'' chosen as one of television’s top 12 bright spots in the New York magazine’s cover story on ''Televisionaries,'' published in the May 2010 issue.

For Anderson, the opportunity to join Garson at yU+co. -- a company he has long respected -- represented a chance to further build on his experience in both the entertainment and advertising industries.

‘’I have known Garson ever since we were on the Emmy Awards committee together,'' Anderson says, ''When I look at their work, it’s not only impressive on a creative level, but I inherently sensed that this was a place I could fit in with sensibility-wise, and also add something to the creative mix. The fact that they’re equally busy in both entertainment and advertising projects is a huge plus since more and more, these two sectors are coming together.’’

While Anderson will partner with Yu to manage the creative team, he’ll also work closely with Executive Producer Carol Wong on the commercial production side. ''Eric brings incredible depth to our team from years of directing high-profile commercials for advertising campaigns such as Budweiser and Coca-Cola,'' comments Wong. ''His unique combination of creative and live action direction along with his music and 0editorial experience gives him the ability to see the overall big picture. That integrated approach allows for a single cohesive vision and makes him a great collaborator with clients.''

As a founding partner of one of the top music recording studios in Minneapolis, Anderson decided to leave the music business to pursue a career as an editor. During his four years as a freelance editor in Seattle, his work brought him to the attention of the then fledgling Digital Kitchen. Anderson came onboard and spent the next 12 years at DK, moving on from editing to become Creative Director, Live Action Director and finally Executive Creative Director.

''Since leaving DK I’ve had offers from both traditional ad agencies to work as a creative director, and from traditional production companies as a director,'' Anderson adds, ''but with yU+co. there’s an opportunity to be a part of something truly special -- a hybrid creative resource that understands the shifting media terrain, but is rooted in a storytelling philosophy that will always be essential in marketing. I’m excited to be a part of this next phase in yU+co.’s evolution.''

'The addition of Eric Anderson further solidifies the studio’s commitment to offering its clients top creative talent. ''I look forward to a dynamic partnership with Eric that will ensure the reputation of yU+co. as a creative force well into the future,'' comments Yu. ''I believe the combination of our styles will add a new dimension to our storytelling expertise as we continue to adapt content over multiple platforms. With yuco[lab], our experiential and interactive division, we have truly become a convergent, cross-platform design and production company, whether we’re designing screen-based content or creating a physical space for immersive experiences.''

Regardless of platform, Yu points out that one thing will always remain the same. ''No matter how we transform, telling a great story will always be the most important focus of our work.''

About yU+co: Founded in 1998, yU+co. ( is an award-winning visual design and production agency with offices in Hollywood, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. yU+co.’s work encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including feature film production and visual effects, television branding and promotion, interactive and experiential design, gaming cinematics and commercial advertising.

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