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Eovia Ships TransPoser

Eovia Corp., developer and publisher of leading 3D software, announced the immediate availability of TransPoser. TransPoser is a full-featured plug-in to dynamically import animated Poser 4 and 5 figures into Carrara Studio 3.

Following a strategic partnership announced by Eovia and Curious Labs last May, users of Poser and Carrara Studio 3 will now have the ability to import and manage Poser 5 scenes and animations in Carrara Studio 3, including morph targets animation, skeleton animation, hair and dynamic clothing. Furthermore, TransPoser uses the Poser engine directly inside Carrara Studio for seamless integration of Poser figures and extraordinarily powerful results.

"TransPoser speaks to the need for a straightforward link between Poser and Carrara Studio," said Charles Brissart, director of software engineering for Eovia. "Many Poser customers are seeking out products that are capable of integrating their characters and animations into more complete and complex scenes, and Carrara Studio is an obvious solution."

"A large majority of Poser users have anxiously been awaiting the ability to use Poser and Carrara Studio together," said Katherine Howard, vp for Curious Labs. The professional edge for Poser comes alive when used together with the power of Carrara Studio."

Major features include:

* Import Poser characters complete with textures (texture maps, bump maps, transparency maps), clothing, hair (Poser4 style only) and other props. You now have access to all the high-end content of Poser for your Carrara Studio scenes.

* Create your animation in Poser and import it in Carrara Studio. Bring the power of Carrara Studio to your Poser animations by adding Physics, Caustics, Particles, high-quality rendering and more.

* Simulate the animation of dynamic clothing in Poser and render it inside Carrara Studio exactly as it was in Poser.

* Modify the pose of your figure in Poser, reopen the Carrara Studio file and the pose of your character is updated.

The U.S. version of TransPoser is available for the Mac and Windows platforms at a suggested retail price of $129. But until April 15, 2004, TransPoser will be offered with free ground shipping (continental U.S. only).

The TransPoser plug-in requires a valid install of both Carrara Studio 3 and Poser 4 or 5.

Eovia Corp. ( develops and publishes award-winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering software that include Carrara Studio 3 and Amapi Designer 7.Flexibility, affordability and ease-of-use are among the characteristics that define Eovia products, which seamlessly integrate into the design process by supporting industry standard 2D and 3D formats.

Curious Labs Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of e frontier, delivers 3D character animation, figure design and essential 3D character solutions that are easy to master, affordable and rich in professional features.