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Eovia Releases Amapi Designer 7

Eovia Corporation ( has released Amapi Designer 7, a completely new version of its popular 3D modeling tool. Whats newsworthy is the availability in native versions for both for Mac (OS 9 and OS X) and Windows (2000 and XP), a new real-time 3D display engine, unlimited dynamic geometry, and a cool new clone modeling tool useful for creating crowds of critters. This NURBS and polygon modeler distinguishes itself in a crowded field by being a both a bargain (at US$499) and easy to use, thereby lending itself for a wide range of applications ranging from detailed modeling for high-end animation or commercial design to (relatively) quick-and-dirty work for logos or video/TV title production. Eovia has won awards and kudos for its very clean and easy to follow interface, which allows beginners to start productive work quickly (by, for instance, offering a library of basic models, very graphic means to work the control points of NURBS surfaces, and a complete construction history that allows "what-if" changes at different levels), while also offering the precision to design skyscrapers, should the user be so inclined. The company is especially proud of its customer technical support. If for some reason the name is not familiar, the company has a deep background in the 3D field, as its founders were directors at MetaCreations, and continue the legacy of pioneering products such as Ray Dream, Infini-D and Carrara (now a companion product to Designer). Whereas the models from Designer 7 can be ported seamlessly into Eovias Carrara Studio 2 for animation, Designer now also supports other major 2D and 3D file formats. Eovia was acquired in 2001 by TGS (, headquartered in San Diego, California, which supplies 2D and 3D tools and applications worldwide for a huge customer base of graphics design and production as well as CAD/CAM users that include military, architectural, automotive and other major manufacturing groups.