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Entity FX Receives 2008 Sports Emmy Award For Sport Science

The team at Entity FX, a film, television and commercial vfx company in Santa Monica, California and Vancouver, British Columbia, was awarded a 2008 Sports Emmy Award. Entity FX was recognized in the category of Outstanding Graphic Design for its work on SPORT SCIENCE, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Fox Sports Network.

Produced by BASE Productions, creators of the hit series FIGHT SCIENCE, SPORT SCIENCE explores the science behind amazing athletics feats. Unique visual graphics and performance-driven animation allow the show to document and present signature moves captured from real athletes: NFL quarterbacks and receivers, NBA shooters, NASCAR drivers, pool sharks, championship horse jockeys, soccer stars and more.

"The winning formula of SPORT SCIENCE takes real sports performances and analyzes them using motion capture, digital models and detailed measurements" said Trent Smith, senior producer, Entity FX. "We designed all of the visual effects and CG for the series and it was a fun assignment to develop a graphical style to present information -- and motion data from some incredible sports greats -- in a visually dynamic way."

Entity FX personnel named on the award include: Mat Beck, Moylene Boyd, John Brenkus, Kymber Lim, Rod Park, Trent H. Smith, Mike "Pharoah" Barrett, Suzette Barnett, Jeffrey Dietrich, Junji, Hirano, Jinwha Lee, Andrew Lema, Rik Panero, Andrea Paulino, Andrea Shear, Christina Spring, Mike Spring, Ian Wilson, Doug Witsken, Manny Wong and Kaz Yoshida.

The 29th Annual Sports Emmy Awards were presented by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences April 28, 2008, in New York City. Winners in 30 categories were chosen from more than 750 entries by a jury of industry peers.