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Entity FX Executes Visual Effects For Law Abiding Citizen

Leading visual effects company Entity FX announced today that it has completed visual effects for a number of key sequences in the new motion picture LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.

Press Release from Entity FX

Santa Monica, CA (October 15, 2009) - Leading visual effects company Entity FX announced today that it has completed visual effects for a number of key sequences in the new motion picture LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.  Directed by F. Gary Gray and distributed domestically by Overture Films, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN tells the story of an upstanding family man whose wife and daughter are ruthlessly murdered when robbers break into their home.  Outraged at the release of one of the killers and the failure of the justice system, he orchestrates a string of spectacular assassinations to exact his revenge.

Although no actors were harmed in the making of this movie, Entity FX served up some gruesome demises for a variety of victims in the film.

One example is an execution sequence in which poison courses through a character's bulging veins as he dies in agony from a lethal injection gone awry.  Entity FX digitally tracked 3D pulsing (and leaking) blood vessels to the actor's violent movements.

Entity FX additionally built and launched a missile that destroys an SUV with the help of an enhanced explosion.  A lethal telephone call also benefited from Entity's digital mayhem.  Further work by the company included invisible cosmetic and scenic enhancements to a number of scenes.

Entity FX's toolset on the project included Maya for 3D modeling and animation, boujou for tracking and After Effects and Inferno for compositing and image effects. Entity FX credits include: Mat Beck, Senior VFX Supervisor; Brian Harding, VFX Supervisor; Daniel Rucinski, VFX Executive Producer; Ellyn Lewis, General Manager; Krista Maryanski, VFX Producer; Bob Hamel and Maggie Whittemore, VFX Coordinators; Eli Jarra, and Chris Stevens, Senior Compositors; Jeremy Renteria, Brian Petras, Compositors; Billy Robinson, Rotoscope Artist; Kaz Yoshida, David Alexander, Rik Panero, Dean Deakyne, Yuko Uda, 3D Artists; Viet Nguyen, Systems Engineering; and Nate Smalley and Aaron Leichter, Data I/O.

About Entity FXEntity FX specializes in visual effects for feature film, television and commercials.  With facilities in Santa Monica, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Entity FX delivers creativity on demand for today's productions with services in pre-visualization, on-set supervision, virtual backgrounds, matte painting, environmental effects, compositing, CG animation, specialty photography and more.

Entity FX has contributed visual effects to a range of motion pictures including THE FINAL DESTINATION (in stereoscopic 3D), MICHAEL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT (soon to be released), BETTY ANNE WATERS (soon to be released), THE SPIRIT, THE X FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, INTO THE WILD, RUSH HOUR 3, MIAMI VICE, SPIDER-MAN 2, THE AVIATOR, SCARY MOVIE 4, HERBIE: FULLY LOADED and many others.  Credits in television include EASTWICK, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, 30 FOR 30, SMALLVILLE, JESSIE JAMES IS A DEAD MAN, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, HARPER'S ISLAND, PUSHING DAISIES, FIGHT SCIENCE, CRIME 360, 48 HOURS MYSTERY, SPORTS SCIENCE and many other television pilots, specials and shows.

Entity FX has received numerous awards and nominations from the Visual Effects Society and two Emmy Awards.  For more information, visit or call (310) 899-9779 (Santa Monica) or (604) 646-2400 (Vancouver).

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