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Entertaindom Top Trio Exit president and CEO Jim Moloshok, executive VP Jim Banister and third-in-command Jeff Weiner will be exiting their Time Warner posts in the upcoming weeks. The dot-com trio has already moved out of their offices and has stopped participating in the day-to-day operations of the company. The walk was spurred by Time Warner's increasing lack of interest in the entertainment site they launched in November of 1999 as their impending merger with America On-line plows ahead. The future of Entertaindom seemed more bleak on Tuesday, April 4, 2000, when AOL launched AOL Plus, which has multimedia content and feature deals with the House of Blues,, CNN, CNET Networks and In addition, the execs were disgruntled over the lack of stock options the parent Warner was offering them. Initial plans had Entertaindom launching its own IPO, which would have made the now ex-execs some of the richest big wigs in all of Time Warner. As reported [AF 3/28/00], Kevin Tsujihara was promoted to lead Warner Bros. New Media, which oversees Warner Bros. On-line and Entertaindom. He also serves as the key cog in the melding of Time Warner and AOL strategies. With Tsujihara's appointment, Moloshok had to go through one more person to reach upper level Time Warner management; prior Moloshok reported directly to Time Warner Digital Media president Richard Bressler.

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