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Entertaindom Summons More Superman Shows

Entertaindom, the Time Warner on-line broadcasting channel, has exercised

its option with Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc. to add 15 additional

new 5-8 minute "Webisodes" for the 3D animated MULTIPATH ADVENTURES OF

SUPERMAN. This extends the first season of SUPERMAN to a full 30 Webisode

commitment. Entertaindom has also agreed to give distribution to Brilliant

Digital's new 3D animated series based on the character XENA: WARRIOR

PRINCESS, plus eight Webisodes of a new series entitled KISS IMMORTALS

(using original KISS music and voices), to be produced in conjunction with

the legendary band's 2000 KISS-Immortals concert tour. To accommodate the

additional shows, Entertaindom will be launching a new Multipath Channel

within its online entertainment complex.

Check out Lee Dannacher's Animation World Magazine article entitled

"Quenching The New Millennium's Thirst for Animation Fare" to find out more about the growing world of Internet entertainment.

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