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The End is Near: Matrix Revolutions Comes to DVD

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the last of the Wachowski brothers' groundbreaking trilogy and vfx feast (supplied by ESC Entertainment a host of other houses) debuts on DVD April 6, 2004 (Warner Home Video, $29.95). The two-disc set will include the following bonus features in an attempt to top its predecessors:

* Revolutions Recalibrated -- A behind-the-scenes overview that drills deep into the groundbreaking work that went into the final chapter.

* CG Revolution -- Explore the special effects arsenal and take an inside look at the making of the creatures and environs of the CGI-intensive third movie.

* Super Burly Brawl - A crash course on the final Neo/Smith showdown with three multiple video streams: storyboards, behind-the-scenes and the final scene, all running in sync.

* Follow the White Rabbit -- Watch the special features and select the White Rabbit icon to go further into the making of the film.

* Neo Realism: The Evolution of Bullet Time -- A closer look at how "Bullet Time" was taken to the next degree of madness.

* Super Big Mini Models -- The intricacies of filming in the world of models and miniatures.

* Double Agent Smith -- A look at what it took to make this standout scene, including the work to replicate Hugo Weaving, with body doubles, lifelike mannequins, head casts and costumes.

* Mind Over Matter: The Physicality of The Matrix -- A look at what it takes for the actors and stunt people to perform the dramatic stunts of THE MATRIX.

* Future Gamer The Matrix Online -- An introduction to the massive multiplayer game THE MATRIX ONLINE, created by the Wachowski brothers.

* 3D Evolution -- Transition to different levels of the Matrix to view concept art, storyboards, pre-visualizations and realizations for several elements in REVOLUTIONS.

* Before the Revolution -- 3D timeline of the concurrent story development occurring in the Matrix between THE MATRIX trilogy, THE ANIMATRIX and ENTER THE MATRIX.