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Encore VFX Names Scott Ballard Pipeline Supervisor

Encore VFX welcomes Scott Ballard as Pipeline Supervisor.

Encore announced that technology expert Scott Ballard has joined its rapidly-expanding VFX division as Pipeline Supervisor. Ballard is tasked with expanding the company's inter-studio pipeline across all Encore VFX facilities worldwide, ensuring its operations are also at the state-of the-art level of efficiency.

Ballard brings a wealth of experience in the technical, IT and programming arenas, as well as a solid background in VFX and animation to this new role. He began his career as an animator and expanded his role to include IT and data management as his expertise developed in those areas. He comes to Encore from the Los Angeles area's offices of international technology and ride film company RGH, having dramatically expanded the company's inter-office efficiency in handling very large, data-intensive projects.

"As Encore's VFX brand extends to New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and London, it's increasingly important to have experts on our team devoted specifically to our pipeline," says Bill Romeo, Encore's Executive Vice President. "With clients expecting feature quality work on a TV schedule, it's essential that all our VFX studios work together as a unit."

"Encore VFX works on dozens of shows simultaneously," Ballard notes, "and it is important that all locations can operate as a single seamless studio with standardized elements and procedures across the board. This is an important trend with global studios; we've developed centralized load balancing so that a production can easily spread resources across multiple studios."

Source: Encore VFX

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