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EM.TV Announces Strong Sales In Asia

Following the Asian programming markets DICON / BCWW in South Korea and Asia Television Forum (ATF) in Singapore, Germany's EM.TV & Merchandising AG has reported strong sales of children's programming across Asia for both home video and broadcast. EM.TVs animation portfolio proved popular in China, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. EM.TV sold television and home video rights of the second season of MAYA THE BEE and the first two seasons of TABALUGA to Kiet Tuong Advertising in Vietnam. Chinese distributor Join Time bought the TV and home video rights for a raft of series including MAYA THE BEE season one and two, VICKY THE VIKING, MARCO and HEIDI. Taiwans Power International bought the animated series ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and the Japanese home entertainment company GPS acquired home video rights for the MOTHER GOOSE stories. EM.TV also sold THE WORLD OF TOSH to the terrestrial educational broadcaster EBS in South Korea. Patrick Elmendorff, president of television distribution for EM.TV stated: "Asia is a key market for us and is continually growing in size and importance. At EM.TV we are in the fortunate position to be able to offer a mix of classic programs which tell simple, wholesome, feel-good tales and more up-to-date series covering topics relevant to our modern world both have strong appeal throughout Asia and are selling well."