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Emmy Winning Foundation Imaging Bringing MechWarrior To TV

Visual effects house Foundation Imaging, in conjunction with Tribune Entertainment, Microsoft and Fasa Corporation, has announced a deal to develop and produce a one-hour live-action adventure series based upon the hugely successful MECHWARRIOR franchise. Over its fifteen-year history, MECHWARRIOR, also known as BATTLETECH, has been adapted to video games, board games, location-based entertainment centers, books and other entertainment mediums. The MECHWARRIOR television saga chronicles the lives of two intergalactic princes as they are forced to work together to repel the return of banished marauders at the edge of the galaxy. Noted science fiction writer Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana is slated to work on the series. Fontanas writing credits include STAR TREK, STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION and BABYLON 5. Jordan Weisman, the co-creator of the MECHWARRIOR franchise, commented, "The universe of MECHWARRIOR is dominated by the giant BattleMech war machines and exotic locations which Foundation Imaging can bring to the small screen in great fidelity. But it is the passions, loves and hates of the young men and women that pilot the BattleMech that drives the universe and this series forward." He added, "D.C. Fontana brings years of experience in bringing these kind of stories and characters to life. I am honored and excited to be working with such a creative team." Founded nine years ago, Foundation has won Emmy's for its visual effects work on BABYLON 5 and STAR TREK: VOYAGER.