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Emmy Toon Winners Announced

On August 26, 2000, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences held its creative awards ceremony, which featured many of this years animated prizes. The big winner this year was the BBC/Discovery special WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. With special effects by the Framestore, DINOSAURS walked away with the awards for outstanding animated program more than one hour, outstanding special effects in a miniseries, movie or special and outstanding sound editing. To no ones surprise THE SIMPSONS won for outstanding animated program for one hour or less for the "Behind The Laughter" episode. The four other nods in that category had gone to FAMILY GUYs "Road to Rhode Island," MTV DOWNTOWNs "Show 11," THE POWERPUFF GIRLS "Beat Your Greens/Down N Dirty" and SOUTH PARKs "Chinpoko Mon." In the outstanding childrens program category HBOs GOODNIGHT MOON AND OTHER SLEEPYTIME TALES drew a tie with the live-action Disney special THE COLOR OF FRIENDSHIP. Winning the prize for special effects for a series was THE X-FILES "First Person Shooter" episode beating out STAR TREK VOYAGERs "Life Line" and "The Haunting of Deck 12" episodes, STARGATE SG-1s "Nemesis" and X-FILES "Rush." In addition, the outstanding main title design went to THE 10TH KINGDOM. The juried voice-over award went to FAMILY GUY creator, Seth MacFarlane for voicing the series Stewie Griffin and Julie Harris for her performance as the voice of Susan B. Anthony in PBS' NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE: THE STORY OF ELIZABETH CADY STANTON AND SUSAN B. ANTHONY. The individual achievement in animation prizes, which were announced on July 19, were awarded to GOODNIGHT MOON AND OTHER SLEEPYTIME TALES production designer Maciek Albrecht, THE PJS art director Nelson Lowry, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS art director Don Shank and FUTURAMAs color stylist Bari Kumar.

Find out the reasons Animation World Magazine writer Eric Huelsman predicted that WALKING WITH DINOSAURS would be hailed as one of the most scientifically significant technological benchmarks in broadcast television before it even hit the States.

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