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Emily User-Generated Animation Site Open To Everyone

Press Release from NetToons, Inc.

San Francisco, CA -- Cosmic Debris and NetToons, Inc. have announced the official launch of the user generated animation site This site lets the millions of Emily fans worldwide create and share their own Emily animations (Tooncasts) using the NetToons web-based editor and viewer.

"The artists at Cosmic Debris have been busy loading up NetToons with killer Emily art for a year now. We took care to make sure everything is there for you to make great Emily rock video masterpieces." explains Rob Reger creative director and president of Cosmic Debris.

"It is pretty amazing to see the professional looking Emily animations people are starting to create," says Jim Myrick, CEO and co-founder of NetToons, Inc. "We have fans from all over the world making and sharing their own videos, with no special training right on their computers," comments Myrick. "Not everyone makes animations as traffic patterns reveal tons of people like to view the Emily creations of others." Explains Myrick.

With Tooncast reCreate a user selects high quality, pre-created Emily the Strange backgrounds, animation clips, music and special effects to craft their own unique creations and share them online. Using NetToons's proprietary consumer-friendly animation software, content companies like Cosmic Debris are able to create an entertaining and engaging environment that allows their fan base to create, share and view branded content featuring their properties.

ABOUT NETTOONS, INC.NetToons, Inc. is a software company that has developed a platform for user generated multimedia creation and sharing. The Company is founded by computer graphics, multimedia and entertainment industry veterans. NetToons offers a product called Tooncast reACTOR that enables the creation of user generated Tooncasts. People can create their own animations free of charge with a standard Internet connection, current web browser and the Flash 9 plug-in. For more information contact: Jim Myrick. 415-254-1914

ABOUT EMILY THE STRANGECreated in 1993 by artist, writer, and musician Rob Reger, Emily the Strange has become an internationally known icon for individualism, female empowerment, and do-it-yourself style. A product of the San Francisco graphic arts community, Emily graces a full, rock-influenced fashion clothing and accessory line, including everything from T-shirts, dresses, and underwear to toys, guitars, and school supplies. She is the featured character in a series of comic books from Dark Horse Comics, four