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E=mc2 Launches Double Edge Digital in Major VFX Global Expansion

Award-winning vfx company E=mc2 Digital, which was recently acquired by Double Edge Ent., a privately held film production company based in Los Angeles and Taiwan, has launched a sister animation/vfx studio, Double Edge Digital, in a major expansion of its facility, staff and capabilities in Glendale, California. In addition, Double Edge Digital execs and creative staff are overseeing the formation of a digital production infrastructure in Taipei, which will mirror the California facility, for the efficient throughput of select aspects of the company's visual effects projects.

Meanwhile, Double Edge Digital has been awarded the production of visual effects for significant new film and television projects, including the primary visual effects facility on the Cruise/Wagner feature film ASK THE DUST, starring Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek. Double Edge Digital will recreate Los Angeles of the 1930s for the adaptation of John Fante's Depression era novel written and directed by Robert Towne (CHINATOWN), who recently shot South Africa. The film will be released by DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures in 2005.

Double Edge Digital will create its first major CG character in a live-action environment for the horror film MINOTAUR, which is also slated for a 2005 release. Produced by First Look Media and Meltemi Ent. Ltd., MINOTAUR is directed by Jonathan English and distributed by Lions Gate Films.

Double Edge Digital will also provide digital visual effects and computer animation for Discovery Channel and MorningStar Ent's BATTLEGROUND: THE ART OF WAR series. The series of 10 one-hour episodes will depict epic and historic battles whose outcomes had worldwide impact. A re-enactment of Alexander the Greats Battle of Gaugamela marks the debut of the series on Nov. 21 and 22.

In response to new business demands, Double Edge Digital has created a number of jobs in both the U.S. and Taipei. Double Edge Digital and E=mc2 Digital now occupy an area of more than 14, 000 square feet, more than half of which is fully dedicated to visual effects production (2D and 3D visual effects, CG character animation and compositing). In addition to greatly enhanced rendering power, Double Edge Digital created a spacious workplace for its visual effects production team and art department, HD edit suites, and 54 x 23greenscreen/cyc stage with motion control. Double Edge Digital has also expanded its production capabilities and is adding to its staff of artists.

To extend its competitive edge, Double Edge Digital and parent company Double Edge Ent. have established an identical production operation in Taipei designed to interface with and advance the efficiency of its California-based pipeline. The facilities have been funded in part by the Taiwanese government through direct investment, R&D funding, hardware subsidies and tax credits. Double Edge Digital also offers AnimoryBoards, its trademarked proprietary process for the secure global transmission of encrypted animated storyboards.

Bob Morgenroth, ceo of Double Edge Digital, observed, Like our parent company, Double Edge Digital has embraced a new production model. Our global resources will create opportunities for feature film producers and visual effects artists alike. By establishing and relocating talent from Los Angeles and Taipei at each of our studios, Double Edge Digital has fused the cultures and methodologies of the two facilities. Our gateway to Taiwan, one of the most highly developed countries in Asia, will provide innovative techniques, creativity and high quality, cost effective visual effects and digital content.

Operating from an adjacent 7,000 square-foot warehouse, E=mc2 Digital will continue to serve its 24-frame video effects clients and will continue to rent large screen televisions, plasma screens, high definition video and computer projection systems, computer monitors, playback machines and one of Hollywood's largest inventories of 24-frame vintage and contemporary televisions (1948-2004). Recent E=mc2 Digital credits include CSI: NEW YORK, CSI: MIAMI, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, ALIAS, I HEART HUCKABEES and NIP/TUCK.

E=mc2 Digital was founded in 1990 by ceo/visual effects supervisor Morgenroth to serve the television and commercial production markets. Previous credits include the feature films JEEPERS CREEPERS, AND CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, as well as the mini-series DUNE, winner of an Emmy Award for visual effects.

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Double Edge Ent. ( specializes in feature film and television production of American films that require the broad resources of Asia.