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Elexis Stearn Upped to Zoic Exec Producer

Award-winning visual effects company Zoic Studios has announced that Elexis Stearn has been promoted to executive producer from head of sales for commercials. Stearn has been with the company since its inception five years ago, and has worked closely with co-founder Steve (Scof) Schofield to shape the company's successful commercial division.

"I learned the commercial business with Scof and Zoic, so this promotion is an honor from my family," explains Elexis. "Visual effects continues to be an ever-larger part of the creative process, and Zoic is positioned to push developments and techniques so that stories are told in the best way possible. I am excited to be a part of this movement and the incredibly talented team at Zoic."

Zoic Studios is a leader in visual effects and CG animation in the commercial, music video, feature film and episodic television arenas. For more information, visit