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The Elephant In The Room Wins The Box Office

Horton found an Easter egg with $25.1 million hidden among the Peeps, making the CG film DR. SEUSS' HORTON HEARS A WHO! (Fox) the number one movie for the weekend box office ending March 23.

New release TYLER PERRY'S MEET THE BROWNS met with $20M, earning the Lionsgate Films flick the number two slot.

Japanese horror remake SHUTTER (Fox, vfx by BIG-X and Pixel Magic) scared up $10.7M in its first weekend out, good enough for third place.

Owen Wilson bodyguard comedy DRILLBIT TAYLOR got what it paid for with $10.2M, making the Paramount release fourth place in its opening weekend.

Mammoth-and-pyramid epic flick 10,000 B.C. (Warner Bros, vfx by MPC and Double Negative) slipped down to fifth place and earned $8.6M in its third week out.

Sixth place went to boxing movie NEVER BACK DOWN (Summit Entertainment), earning $4.86M in its second week in theaters.

Disney's COLLEGE ROAD TRIP (vfx by Digital Pictures Iloura, Furious FX and RotoFactory) did another $4.63M, putting it in seventh place.

Actioner THE BANK JOB (Lionsgate, vfx by Digital Pictures Iloura) made $4.1M and placed eighth.

Sony's VANTAGE POINT (Sony, vfx by CIS) earned $3.8M, making the five-week old release a total of $65.3M.

And rounding out the top ten was UNDER THE SAME MOON (Weinstein), making $2.6M in its first week out.

Animated Oscar-nominee PERSEPOLIS (Summit Entertainment) earned another $47,100 on 57 screens and documentary CHICAGO 10 (Roadside Attractions) made $13,400.

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