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Elemental 3 -- The World's Best Autodesk Art

The ELEMENTAL series showcases the world's best digital artwork created with Autodesk software. ELEMENTAL 3 is packed with exciting imagery from Autodesk customers with a strong emphasis on architectural and design visualization. For the first time in an ELEMENTAL title, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox artwork are also included.

The ELEMENTAL series, created in partnership with Autodesk Inc, showcases the world's best art created with Autodesk 3D visualization and animation software. ELEMENTAL 3 continues this partnership and expands the breadth of the series across more genres and with greater focus on architectural visualization and design (product and automotive).

"This book is a celebration of digital art. It's the magic that happens when great imaginations are paired with great technology. Like its predecessor, ELEMENTAL 3 features the best-of-the-best Autodesk 3ds Max art. We're excited that Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox artwork is included for the first time. Congratulations to everyone whose work is featured in ELEMENTAL 3. Prepare to be amazed," said Marc Petit, SVP, Autodesk Media & Entertainment.

For the third edition of ELEMENTAL, Ballistic Publishing appointed an advisory board to assist in nominating and judging images for the ELEMENTAL 3 awards. All of these people are either leading artists in their own right or are experienced and respected members of the Autodesk product team. ELEMENTAL 3 features 246 examples of the world's best digital art created with Autodesk software from 170 artists in 43 countries.

Award categories included: Architecture Exterior (Public/Residential); Architecture Interior (Public/Residential); Architecture/Reconstruction; Characters; Creatures; Robotic/Cyborg; Product Design; Still Life; Transport; Abstract; and Environment. A wide range of styles and subject matter are showcased in ELEMENTAL 3 with an emphasis on architectural visualization. Several notable architectural firms are represented with visualizations spanning interior/exterior public spaces, commercial buildings, and interior/exterior residential spaces.

ELEMENTAL 3 is the only art book showcasing the work of CG artists in architectural visualization, and is the first Ballistic title to dedicate half of its pages to architectural subjects. Printed to the highest standards, the book features individually color-corrected pieces of original art with a richness and depth not found in other art books.

ELEMENTAL 3 is available in two editions: Hardcover (U.S. $69); and Limited Edition (U.S. $170).