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Elektra Gets Life with X-Files Director

With the future of the DAREDEVIL franchise in the dark, Fox and Regency Enterprises are moving ahead with the production of ELEKTRA with negotiations beginning with director Rob Bowman, reported VARIETY. Jennifer Garner has already signed on to reprise her role as the Greek assassin. DAREDEVIL helmer Mark Steven Johnson along with his Horseshoe Bay partner Gary Foster will be producing the film. Marvel's patron saint of production Avi Arad will also be producing. Bowman previously directed the feature X-FILES film and REIGN OF FIRE.

The plot of the ELEKRA flick will follow the plot line of THE ELEKTRA ASSASSIN and THE ELEKTRA SAGA graphic novel, which pitted the heroine against assassin group The Hand, which trained her and then double-crossed her. No other cast members have been announced yet, but the film will see Marvel's martial arts master The Stick come to the big screen.

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